While in Sydney we went to the Museum to see the Alexander the great exhibit, after seeing that we wandered around the rest of the Museum and Susan was ecstatic to find they had a huge collection of minerals on display. So she took me around to some of her favorites to get some photos […]



A selection of our Garnets that we found while fossicking in Gemtree North East of Alice Springs. We sent them over to Thailand to get them all cut.

Opal necklace

Opal necklace

An opal that my daughter Susan found while noodling in Coober Pedy. We found someone in Coober Pedy that was willing to polish it up for her, then we sent it to Thailand with our Garnets to get set in this necklace.



An old boat frame that we came across while driving along one of the beach’s at Coffin Bay Nat Park.

Paper Lantern

Paper lantern

This paper lantern was made by another home schooling mother while on a camp on Raymond Island in 2010.

Odds & ends at Farina

Farina jrelics

Farina is an old town in SA that was along the old Ghan train line which is in Australia. The town is now in ruin with all the buildings fallen down or half fallen down. In front of one of the ruins is a table where you can put any relics that you find in […]

Sea weed and shells

Sea weed

We went for a walk on the beach during low tide at Port Parham. At low tide the water goes out over a kilometre to the channel. Even when the tide is in it just comes past your knees.  

Sea Shells


Small sea shells on the beach at Port Parham. My girls love collecting all of the pretty ones.

Camp Fire

Nice little camp fire I had while camping with one of my daughters.  

Rusty old wheel

Old wheel

Rusty old wheel at the site of an old Aboriginal mission near Lake Eyre.