Sea Lion on the beach

Travel photography sea lion

A sea lion that had washed up onto one of the beach’s in Coffin Bay National Park South Australia.  

Dolphin fishing

Travel photography dolphin

One of the dolphins we saw herding Salmon towards one of the beach’s at Coffin Bay National Park. There were three dolphins that we saw working as a team to move the fish to a certain area and then strike.

Crab hiding


I saw this little fella while I was walking over the rocks at Point Sir Isaac, in Coffin Bay Nat Park. He tried his hardest not to be seen.



A little starfish that we came across while driving through Coffin Bay Nat Park.

Sea Lions

Sea Lions hugging

Playing with the sea lions near Lincoln National Park SA. We had to go for an hour and a half boat ride to get to Hopkins Island where you swim with the Sea Lions. These sea lions decided that they needed a cuddle. This big guy was known as Bubbles.    

Bluefin Tuna

Swimming tuna

Underwater shot of a tuna swimming.