Travel photography Busselton Jetty

Some more photos of Busselton. We had a great day exploring the jetty and the underwater observatory. When the kids had had enough of looking underwater we caught the train back to the start of the jetty and walked to the swimming area and let the kids swim for the rest of the afternoon.  

Busselton Jetty

Travel photography Busselton Jetty

We spent an afternoon in Busselton is the South West of WA. They have the longest jetty with wooden pylons in Australia, it is 1800m long with an underwater observatory at the end. The water there is crystal clear and they have a big roped off area for kids to swim in.

Whalers Way SA

Travel photography Whalers Way

We spent four days over New Years at Whalers Way, which is private property on the very tip of the Eyre peninsula in South Australia. While we were there we had our own private beach to swim in. The sunsets looking out ove the Southern Ocean were amazing.

Arno Bay forshore

Travel photography Arno Bay

A shot of the Arno Bay foreshore from the jetty, not long after the sun has gone down.

Port Germein Jetty

Port Germein Jetty

The jetty was officially opened in 1881 and had an extension added in 1883. Total length was 1676 metres. Storms damaged the jetty over a number of years and the length has been reduced to about 1500 metres. It is a great way to spend the afternoon with the family.



A little starfish that we came across while driving through Coffin Bay Nat Park.

Sea weed and shells

Sea weed

We went for a walk on the beach during low tide at Port Parham. At low tide the water goes out over a kilometre to the channel. Even when the tide is in it just comes past your knees.  

Sea Shells


Small sea shells on the beach at Port Parham. My girls love collecting all of the pretty ones.

Looking out over the Southern Ocean

Looking out over the Southern Ocean

These photos were taken from a lookout in Lincoln National Park overlooking the southern ocean.

Edmund on a sand dune.

Edmund on a sand dune

My little man on a sand dune before he ran across it. We were driving along the Young Husband Peninsula SA and went of the beach track to a beautiful little dune area. Checking out his footprints.