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Cooper creek floodplains

Dead burnt tree in floodplains

These photos show you how harsh or rewarding the dry Australian outback can be for plant life. The first photo shows a tree that had burnt down long before but is now in floodplains This second photo shows a big gum tree that has not been affected by the harsh Australian conditions like many others.

Flinders Ranges

Flinders Ranges 2

This photo was taken near the Yourambulla caves where we camped for a couple of nights to explore the area and see the Aboriginal art work in the caves. This photo was taken after we left Wilpena Pound and decided to take a dirt track and explore the area before heading back towards Hawker.



A lion cub with two of the other lions not far away.

Black Rhino

Black rhino

Monarto zoo’s Black Rhino having a rest on a hot day. He had just been in the mud pit that morning to keep himself cool. The black rhino is smaller than the white rhino but a lot more agressive so you are not allowed near them like you are the white rhino.

Kata Tjuta in clouds

Olgas in clouds

We were lucky enough to see Kata Tjuta (the Olgas) which are in central Australia on a rainy day and surrounded by clouds. It was a wonderful day walking through there and seeing so much water in an area that is usually so dry and baron.

White Rhino

Rhino baby

We got to see some white rhino’s up close at Monarto Zoo, close enough to touch it and feed it.

Gimme a kiss

Roo kiss

A curious Kangaroo that came in for a closer look and sniff to see if I had any food for it.



A selection of our Garnets that we found while fossicking in Gemtree North East of Alice Springs. We sent them over to Thailand to get them all cut.

Opal necklace

Opal necklace

An opal that my daughter Susan found while noodling in Coober Pedy. We found someone in Coober Pedy that was willing to polish it up for her, then we sent it to Thailand with our Garnets to get set in this necklace.



An old boat frame that we came across while driving along one of the beach’s at Coffin Bay Nat Park.